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Board of Directors

Since its formation in 1973, the Authority has been governed by a highly distinguished group of community leaders who serve six-year terms. It is through their commitment and talents that the Authority has continued to serve the State of Arizona with excellence and distinction.

Name Appointed Term Expiration
Steven Bales, Jr.
District 4
Appointed 01/08/14 Term Expiration 12/17/21
Rebecca L. Burnham
Board Member
District 3
Appointed 12/13/17 Term Expiration 12/17/23
Ronald J. Castro, Jr.
District 4
Appointed 07/20/16 Term Expiration 12/17/21
Lisa A. James
Past President 2011-12 and 2016-2017
District 3
Appointed 04/05/06 Term Expiration 12/17/23
Jim Rounds
District 1
Appointed 05/09/17 Term Expiration 12/17/23
Doug Smith
Board Member
District 2
Appointed 07/01/17 Term Expiration 12/17/19
Maria Spelleri
District 5
Appointed 01/13/16 Term Expiration 12/17/21
Jeremey Stawiecki
First Vice President
District 1
Appointed 12/10/14 Term Expiration 12/17/19
Ronald L. Westad
Second Vice President
District 2
Appointed 04/22/15 Term Expiration 12/17/19
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